Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching all about?

Unlike a therapist, a Life Coach helps people create a life they've always longed for! With Life Coaching you don't dig too deep into the past, but you get to know yourself in order to find your qualities. You strengthen your self-confidence, self-awareness, personal development and you learn to set and achieve goals.

At Life Coaching you are heard and understood, in order to draw up an action plan together with which you will improve your life. Every person is unique. Treating everyone according to the same textbook doesn't help them. How do I distinguish myself? You will receive a personal action plan with me. The conversations we have are casual/personal, but always effective and productive. With every conversation you will find a piece of your own 'I' again, in order to take steps forward.

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"Find your way to emotional freedom."

~ Stephany Martina, Lifecoach & Experience expert

Life Coaching

When do you choose a Life Coach:

- When you are in a negative spiral, which you can't seem to get out of.
- If you are in a depression or burnout and you want to find your happiness again.
- If you suffer from insecurity and would like to have your self-confidence back.
- If you want to get rid of fears that stand in your way, in order to get a grip on your life again.

- If you want to learn to just say "No" and do what's right for yourself.
- If you want to live more confidently and improve the quality of your life. For example, think of; become more proactive, become more assertive, the extra push to get that job you've always wanted, learn to get things done and not put everything off until the last minute.
- But also certainly if; you simply need a talking buddy for the tough times. Someone where you can lose your egg and vent your heart.

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