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I am Stephany Martina – Expert Lifecoach from Breda.

When I didn't know what my strengths were as an introvert and how to best use my strengths, I got stuck in life. Because people walked all over me, I ignored myself, I didn't dare to stand up for myself and my strong qualities were rarely seen at work/study. I thought to myself: "This has to change now". I want to be seen for who I am, I want my strengths to be seen and I don't want to have to excuse myself when I need time to myself as if I'm doing something wrong. I set out to find out how I could stand up for myself, who my authentic self is and how I could be unapologetically me.
What I have learned is that a large part of this has to do with leadership, assertiveness, setting boundaries and clear communication skills. Now that I have mastered these skills and apply them on a daily basis, the quality of my private and work life has improved tremendously. My personal growth expresses itself in everything I do; I feel confident, I set the right boundaries and am more respected, I shine in the things I'm good at and I dare to take me-time whenever I need it. In fact, I liked it so much that I now coach other introverted people, so that they too can improve the quality of their lives. Introverted people have so many positive and strong qualities that should be seen more. I started to delve into the matter and obtained two more certificates in coaching to improve my expertise. From my own experience and expertise I help others on their way to change and self-improvement! It’s time to live a life on your own terms.

I mainly focus on assertiveness and overcoming insecurity. What makes me an experience expert is my experience in overcoming fears and insecurity.

Havo 5 N&G en N&T
HBO- Biomedical Laboratory Research

Life Coaching beginner to advanced
Life Coach Practitioner Dipolma
Currently busy with: ”Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health” via Coursera

Stephany Martina – Founder


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“For years I have lived in a negative spiral. This will never happen to me again.”

– Stephany Martina, Lifecoach & Experience Expert

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